17 May

Management support  - where you need it, when you need it

We offer a range of skills and experience that you can use to enhance the efforts of your internal management team.  We specialise in the development of structured bid responses, business proposals, business prospecti and any other communications where you need to use the most compelling and articulate language to differentiate you from the competition.

We also have valuable knowledge and experience of  Information Security and Governance management – particularly where organisations are selling services into the NHS and other UK Government departments, where personal information and data are involved. We are able to offer an audit/consultation service that tells you how compliant you are now and what actions you might need to take to ensure that you are effectively addressing the requirements of current best practice and legislation.  We can also provide the hands-on support you need to ensure your policies, processes and procedures are up to date and will stand scrutiny from external stakeholders/authorities.

Quite often, senior managers know what it is they want to do and are more than capable of doing it – the problem is that they just don’t have the time or resources and this where things can start to drift.  We can help you to bridge the resource/skills gap and make sure that those short term priorities and opportunities do not get overlooked. We do this by engaging with you and learning about your corporate aims and objectives – at a practical level.  We put this knowledge in the context of whatever legislation or compliance models you are bound by and we make sure that if you are ever audited by a third party or you are challenged in a bid or tender process, the answers are there.

If your organisation is in need of some short term help in addressing such challenges, your next step is to get in touch and tell us about the requirement. Whatever these might be, we’ll help you to build an objective assessment of what needs to be done and we’ll formulate an affordable and practical plan of action that will keep your business moving forwards.

We have experience gained over many years in the public and private sectors, we are focused on outcomes and we are very easy to deal with.

Your first point of contact is David Million and you can reach him on this number  - 07585 336614